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Rare Finds Travel Club

Monthly Trip Downloads Done for You, So You Just Pack and Go Play

All this for only $20 a month



Did you catch my free training videos this week on GUIDES, LODGING, and MEMORIES?

I have almost 30 years of travel planning experience - and so much travel goodness to share with people who love to travel.  

So I’ve hatched a plan! 

It’s going to make your travel life seamless AND spectacular!  
Inspire you with places and activities that you didn’t even know were possible. 
And save you a TON of time!
Join Rare Finds Travel Club

You’ll get monthly trips to places around the world, and here in the US.

They’ll be Trip Downloads - 

not just our signature unique lodging and all those experiences with locals,

but also a full itinerary that connects-the-dots.  

I have taken these trips myself… so they're all vetted… all the kinks worked out…

so you just click and book, pack and play!


     There’s more too! You will get:

    • Booking worksheets to make reservations super easy
    • Videos of special experiences
    • Customizing ideas to tweak the core itinerary according to your budget, passion, or level of travel experience
    • a Q&A week
    • Private Facebook Group
    • And the last week of the month... one of our signature Escapes (2-night getaways to Escape the Ordinary) so, while you’re planning your big trip, you'll have an arsenal of ideas for weekend getaways to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, graduation or new job!

It’s opens now but only for 7 days!

Join Rare Finds Travel Club

It’s brand new so, as a founding member, you’ll get a rate that will never be sees again:  $20/month!


           Just imagine

You never again worry about where to go on vacation or what to do there!

          You’ll feel confident, heading out on a trip where the lodging, guides, experiences, and even the route have been all checked out and approved!

          And you’ll save hours and hours of planning time in front of the computer!

         Just imagine heading out of town with your family, where you’ll have adventures, make memories,

         and create stories that you will bring back home and tell over, and over again.  

        The Rare Finds Travel Club will make it easier than ever to pull off that next vacation!

Join Rare Finds Travel Club


Here's what people say about their Rare Finds travel experience:


Here’s how it works: 


    • Intro to the destination:  What is extra special about this place
    • Day-to-Day:  Video walks you through the trip, one day at a time, so you know what to expect as your trip unfurls
    • Itinerary: Full detailed daily itinerary has all the links and phone numbers, in a downloadable PDF
    • Booking Worksheet:  Print it out, click the links, book your reservations.  We’ve made it so easy and even included all the questions to ask so you don’t forget anything.


    • Spotlight:  Videos and articles spotlight top experiences from the trip.
    • Customize:   Video with lots of ideas to tweak the core itinerary according to your budget, passions, or level of travel experience.
    • Travel Hacks:  Need-to-know details like currency and customs.  Destination-specific items to pack. Books to read and movies to watch.  Travel apps and our favorite Travel Tools (like Scotts Cheap Flights!)

WEEK 3:  Q&A

Got questions?  You’ll get them answered here.


 Monthly Escapes - our signature 2-night getaways - to celebrate something special or just to unplug for a couple days.

Join Rare Finds Travel Club 

Your leader
"It all began the summer I was 7.  Dad bought a Shasta camper and road-tripped our family around the West.  We did ordinary things like drinking Tang, but we made extraordinary memories. 
1989 found me in Tiananmen Square on the day they declared martial law.  I saw my first cobra in Marrakech and rode the Orient Express into Budapest.   
In the ‘90s I starting road-tripping with my own 4 sons.  But these trips were anything but ordinary — we slept in treehouses, bush-planed to grizzly country and visited more than 50 national parks. 
My travel passion was ignited!"
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